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We are grateful to Always in the Club for its efforts to raise money for the Brave of Heart Fund. Contributions like this one will allow the fund to support even more families of fallen healthcare workers during the COVID-19 pandemic as they navigate their unimaginable losses.

Holly Welch Stubbing, President and CEO of E4E Relief (Beneficiary of MMC Holiday Album)

The Mickey Mouse Club cultivated a culture of diversity and inclusion long before it was brought to the forefront of corporate social responsibility. We are grateful to their organization for pioneering the message to our youth for so long, and also for supporting onePULSE in our effort to fight hate and promote acceptance.

Barbara Poma, Executive Director, onePULSE Foundation (Beneficiary of #MMC30)

We are truly honored to be a part of this special reunion of the Mickey Mouse Club. Wish children and their families who stay at Give Kids The World are visiting Central Florida with a wish to enjoy Walt Disney World and other Central Florida attractions. The joy that participants will bring to these precious families through their support of this event is immeasurable.

Pamela Landwirth, President and CEO, Give Kids The World (Beneficiary of #MMC30)

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Filmed at Disney's Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World® Resort, The 'All New' Mickey Mouse Club debuted in 1989 on the Disney Channel. Much more than a variety show, it promoted important social causes such as diversity & inclusion and concern for the environment, and as a performing arts academy, trained some of the biggest stars of the modern era. 

Cast members have gone on to play a pivotal role in shaping the last 30 years of popular culture with critically acclaimed and wildly successful projects across music, film, television and theater.

Once in the Club... #AlwaysInTheClub

Recognizing their responsibilities as lifelong ambassadors of Disney's legacy, they've leveraged their global influence and multi-media platforms to help raise hundreds of millions of dollars for outstanding nonprofits around the world. 

Founded by former cast members in 2012, Always In The Club (AITC) has grown to be a trusted platform for both fan and corporate engagement with reunited 'Teers. 

AITC is principally focused on sponsoring both large-scale and intimate experiences that support social impact efforts and charitable organizations. 

Although a frequent collaborator with Disney, Always In The Club is a privately held organization.

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