Club Membership - Changemaker ($33.25/mo Introductory Price)

Help the Mouseketeers Create Impact!

For over 30 years, cast members from the 'All New' Mickey Mouse Club have been Changemakers working to make a difference in communities around the world. Now YOU can join the Club and help the Mouseketeers Create Impact!

Club Members = first to know everything we do, from media projects to events. You will also log into the private Clubhouse to snag all of your perks, including:

1) Free Club Badge
2) Access to videos on demand
3) Early release, discount, and exclusive merchandise and event tickets
4) Invites to Club Member only events and Zoom Hangs
5) Invite to Annual Team AITC Zoom Meeting

Interested in a Monthly Membership for a discount? Visit HERE
Interested in a regular Yearly Membership? Visit HERE

Please Note: You will be automatically charged monthly. Should you want to cancel your membership, you will need to do so on your side. We cannot cancel memberships from our side. 

The value of your membership exceeds the membership cost, so is not tax deductible.