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Always In The Club

#MMC30 / Mouse Club Lanyard (Limited Edition)

#MMC30 / Mouse Club Lanyard (Limited Edition)

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For your donation to Always In The Club Foundation and our work to support Cast Member Pantry, we'll send you this limited edition #MMC30/Mouse Club Lanyard as our thank you gift.  

Brand new limited edition and authentic lanyards celebrating the 30th anniversary of the 90's iteration of The 'All New' Mickey Mouse Club. These lanyards were specially made in 2019 for the #MMC30 reunion event and sold exclusively online and at celebrations held at Walt Disney World and MEGACON Orlando.  

And it goes great with our official Club Member-only Commemorative Badge ;)  

Lanyards are break-away and compliant with Disney Theme Park regulations

PLEASE NOTE: These lanyards are NOT for sale and cannot be purchased anywhere. We have a handful remaining from #MMC30 and we are giving them away for free as a gift for your donation to Always In The Club Foundation in support of Cast Member Pantry and their work to help Disney cast members recently furloughed or laid off due to COVID.

The vale of this gift is $20, so your contribution is not tax deductible.

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