Collection: MMC'89 Collection

Filmed at Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World, The 'All New' Mickey Mouse Club debuted in 1989 on the Disney Channel. 

Much more than a variety show, it promoted important social causes such as diversity & inclusion and concern for the environment, and as a performing arts academy, trained some of the biggest stars of the modern era.  

Cast members have gone on to play a pivotal role in shaping the last 30 years of popular culture with critically acclaimed and wildly successful projects across music, film, television and theater. 

Recognizing their place as lifelong ambassadors of the Disney brand, they've leveraged their global influence and multi-media platforms to help raise millions of dollars for nonprofits around the world.  

Join us in celebrating this iconic television series with MMC'89 merchandise. 100% of the net revenue goes to Always In The Club Foundation and the MMC'89 Initiative.